Dealing with a nasty boss or manager?

Are you dealing with a nasty boss or client?

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Are you dealing with a nasty boss or client? A nasty person is someone who’s only looking after their own best interest, that has hidden agendas, that’s manipulative and talks behind people’s backs, that’s only interested in their title and overuses their power to get certain results, and gets credit for other people’s achievements.

Here’s how to change the situation from the inside out.

Sell Coaching to CEO CFO

3 Strategies to Help You Sell Coaching & Leadership Development Programs to the CEO/CFO

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One of the top challenges that HR/talent managers and L&D specialists face is showing the value of people development initiatives and getting budgets approved for them.

You see the value, but getting it across to the CEO/CFO or the top management is not an easy job.

In this article, I’m going to share with you three strategies to help you sell coaching and soft skills/leadership training to the CEO/CFO or other board members.

Measure Managers Effectiveness

3 Tools to Measure Managers Effectiveness in Your Organization

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Poor management is one of the leading causes that drive disengagement at work and it’s probably costing your company millions of dollars every year.

You need to start measuring the effectiveness of your managers to raise self-awareness and find the best possible resources to help them improve their skills.

Here are 3 tools (and some free templates) to do this.